Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Little Box Framed Paintings

Here are six new little paintings in box frames, selling for £85 each. The frames are 19cm sq, painted white and then waxed to give a slightly distressed look.




Cowboys and Custard said...

Boxing clever!!!
Lovely new work... keep it coming..more bunnies please!


P.s I am off the air for a few days while we move in but hope to catch up when the dust has settled.Lots of love XX

Jess said...

Gorgeous! They look like little jewels. :)
Jess xx

flowers on my table said...

They are adorable Jane! Have a good weekend, love Linda x

Judith Logan said...

These are gorgeous Jane. I would love to buy one, but I have to sell my own stuff back from the framer's first! Actually, i'd love to buy 2! they're all so cute. Well done!