Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wooden Houses

After having such fun with the wooden blocks I had the idea to make some wooden houses and decorate them with characters from my paintings.

Painted on all sides and signed they are stand alone pieces or would look great as a collection. These two stand approx 35 and 25 cm high out of a nice chunky bit of wood. Commissions welcome.


Judith Logan said...

These are just gorgeous Jane! My Dad left me my sister's old doll's house in the garage and I've been meaning to paint it, but am a little over-painted with furniture right now, and just did a Magazine rack, 2 stools and 4 chairs last week! Have been putting off the bigger pieces calling out to me in the garage! I was toying with the idea of painting my picture style on some furniture and you have given me the impulse! So far I have only done a big wall mural and used homemade stamps on some pieces. Do you mind me asking what kind of paint you use? Is it acrylic? And would you need to paint a base coat of gesso or would Annie Sloan chalk paint do? I have a pile of it left over. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Judith x

flowers on my table said...

I just love these! Linda x