Monday, May 27, 2013


Open Studio's started on Saturday and here is how it looks now Sara and I have displayed all our wares.

To coincide with Open Studio's I have just had a new range of cards and prints produced.

Here are the cards 11 new designs at £2.50 each 5 for £10 + P&P.

And here are four of the 10 new prints (will post the others later). They are all £25 each and include the P&P. They are all printed on A3 (square ones trimmed)

All at Sea

Waiting for Father

Beside the Sea

Zebra on Parade

Hope some of you can come along and see us. We have lots of bargains and new work to show you.


flowers on my table said...

Jane it looks wonderful! Isn't there a lot of blue? I wish you every success with it all. Love Linda x

Deborah Darling said...

hi jane I have just found you on fb and am interested in renting your studio---i just messaged you on fb, and am now following your blogg :) you can find me at my blogg Lovely to meet you !! xxx

Flor said...

What an amazing works. I came from your facebook and I've published some paintings in my page and some friends. I'm your fan!!

Hugs from Portugal!!